Resolutions or To Resolve?


Ready, Set, Go!!! Many of us have got that notebook or that pad or whatever the choice of writing down our plans and goals for 2017 out and ready to write. Some need to lose that holiday weight they put on; some need to return to the store some of the overspending they did and some need to simply put some plans and goals in place for the new year. Even Institutions are getting their own resolutions and plans in place. Plans to increase business, to downsize, to retain more assets, to develop more employees, to cut back on the fat, to invest more, to acquire more and to even get the word out about what they are offering. Two words will be consistent during "the next 30-60 days, "more" &"less." Either of these two words finds themselves intricately intertwined in the midst of our vocabulary. Especially, when we are speaking at the water cooler, or on the phone or after work, at the bar or at the social club, or on the train to and fro our destination. Truth be told, all we are really doing is finding a way to utilize a different way to say that we have made a resolution that we know will not pass February. Better yet, we willed within that we have resolved to make a change, because what we are presently experiencing does not go well with our energy. Which one will it be for you? To simply fall in with the crowd and make a resolution or resolve within and make up your mind that 2017 will be better and not simply better, profoundly productively better! Change is not easy. You need momentum that first starts with a mind change and then changes on the external. If you are serious about a change in your circumstances and a change in your results, there are steps that you can take. Additionally, if you found that you started in the past only to stop half way, don't keep beating up on yourself. That happens to the very best of us, and all you may need is someone to be there with you every step of the way. You have help and all the resources you could ever need by taking the very first step. DAVIDKELVIN is committed to seeing you live your very best life now. WE CAN HELP. Whether you want to start small with the simple basic plan or the Executive plan that goes for 90 days, we are committed to seeing you live your dream life. Let us help you to bring that best image of yourself into reality. Tell us what it looks like and let us begin to create it. It's all within your power and in your hands. "You Can Have Better Life....Ask Us How".

Dave Allen


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